Fast Scanning Atomic Force Microscope for Biological Systems - Dimension FastScan Bio from Bruker Nano Surfaces

The Dimension FastScan Bio™ Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) breaks longstanding barriers to provide routine high-resolution research of biological dynamics, with temporal resolution in up to 3 frames per second for live sample observations. Furthermore, it does this while making the AFM easier to use than ever before. These breakthroughs allow many more researchers to observe and study the mechanisms biomolecular machines utilize to perform their biological functions.

FastScan Bio’s high-resolution and high-speed scanning provide the best available bio tool for the observation of molecules, proteins, DNA, RNA, living cell membranes and tissues, and many other dynamics studies.

Technical Details

FastScan Bio is built upon the world’s most advanced large-sample AFM platform, the Dimension FastScan™. FastScan Bio AFM adds specialized life science features to this platform, and has been specifically designed for high-resolution, live-sample observation of interacting molecules, member proteins, DNA protein binding, inter-cellular signaling and many other dynamic biological studies.

The Dimension FastScan Bio system utilizes a revolutionary XYZ scanner designed to operate at high-speed rates while delivering extremely low drift and low noise, along with a small volume fluid sample cell and a user interface that removes operational complexity. Other features include an industry-proven fast scanner, automated laser and detector alignment, an easy sample engaging process, and the capability to investigate samples in a droplet of solution or its 60 micro-liter sample cell. The system’s innovative user interface reduces complexity for experimentation and dramatically increases the success rate of experiments. The system delivers the scanning speed required for high-resolution spatiotemporal studies with the greatest simplicity ever seen in a commercial AFM system.

Other features of the Dimension FastScan Bio include:

  • Simplified sample engaging and controls for immediate imaging
  • Real-time panning, zooming and scanning
  • Feature tracking and Movie creation tools
  • Micro-volume fluid cell environment with precise flow control

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