Simultaneous Raman Spectroscopy and Nanomechanical Testing from Hysitron

Raman Spectroscopy is a powerful technique for spatially-resolved characterization of the chemical composition and structure of materials. Combined with nanoindentation, a greater understanding of structure-mechanical relationships can be achieved.

Spatial correlation of nanoindentation and Raman characterization provides a direct correlation between nanomechanical properties and localized chemical makeup, crystallinity, polymorphism, phase, and intrinsic stress/strain.

Additionally, automated Raman analysis before and after nanoindentation enables rapid investigation of residual structural changes within the material resulting from the deformation process.

The coupling of in-situ Raman spectroscopy with nanoindentation and other Hysitron nanomechanical testing techniques opens new areas of research by providing greater insights into mechanical properties and deformation behavior at the nanoscale and microscale.

Hysitron has developed a fully-integrated Raman system for the TI 950 TriboIndenter Nanomechanical Test Instrument. Patented electrostatic transducer technology enables industry-leading sensitivity and reliability for nanoscale mechanical characterization, while a high-precision encoded staging system automates the testing process and provides exceptional spatial resolution between Raman and nanomechanical results.

Researchers can define the characteristics of the integrated laser source and spectrometer to meet individual research needs.


  • Direct correlation of in situ chemical and mechanical mapping of the area of interest
  • Understanding the relationship between mechanical and structural properties
  • Capability of using topographical as well as chemical mapping for precise nanomechanical test placement
  • Automated Raman analysis before and after nanoindentation for investigation of structural changes resulting from the deformation process
  • Chemical and mechanical characterization at different length scales by definable laser spot size combined with nano- to microscale mechanical testing
  • Broad spectrum of laser wave lengths for a wide range of applications
  • Compatible with all Hysitron testing techniques

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