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Altis Semiconductor Achieves Standardisation on Candence MaskCompose Reticle and Wafer Synthesis Suite

European foundry Altis Semiconductor has achieved standardization on Candence Design System’s Candence MaskCompose Wafer Synthesis and Reticle System.

The standardization will simplify the process of silicon manufacturing through the automation of all the important steps in the wafer synthesis and reticle phase. The standardization will also help in documenting photo masks and wafer stepper layouts that are expensive and that involve large amounts of data.

Altis Semiconductor has been testing various solutions for the optimization of its process. It chose Cadence MaskCompose due to its ability to provide wafer layout, accurate frames, generate job deck, customise documentation and order forms. According to Karl Lange Vice President, Sales and marketing for Altis, the MaskCompose automation system has increased the company’s efficiency levels and the time taken to produce large volumes.

This system also helps in reducing the risks involved in mask-making and increase the production time for manufacturing circuit designs in large quantities, multi layered reticles, reticles and wafers for different projects. Apart from using the MaskCompose, Altis has deployed the Virtuoso unified analog custom flow and has also designed process design kit based on SKILL to be applied for its production flow. Candence uses its own software, IP and hardware for the design and verification of semiconductors, telecommunication and network equipment, consumer electronics and computer systems.


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