New Partnership to Develop Ultra-Shallow Junctions for Producing Sub-14 nm Semiconductors

SEMATECH has inked a partnership deal with Dainippon Screen Mfg. to develop and commercialize sophisticated semiconductor doping technology for the sub-14 nm semiconductor production.

Dainippon will partner with SEMATECH on activation and monolayer doping technologies that can be used with ultra-shallow junctions for non-planar and planer equipment technologies such as memories, nanowires and FinFETs in non-silicon and silicon-based superior mobility materials.

Advanced solutions will be developed for semiconductor device production to reduce seepage caused by electrostatic control and process damage in order to attain minimal power dissipation and rapid transistor speeds. Defect-free, abrupt and ultra-shallow junctions having high concentrations of active dopants are necessary to achieve better control over off-state leakage in today’s vastly scaled nanoelectronics.

The importance of doping conformality and lower lattice damage is ever-increasing due to the arrival of semiconductors made of high mobility compounds and non-planar device designs. Monolayer doping, an emerging conformal doping and defect-free technology will be studied and developed for commercial purposes.

The President of Dainippon Screen Mfg.’s Semiconductor Equipment Company, Tadahiro Suhara stated that the company is happy to partner with SEMATECH and its advanced industry partners for developing sophisticated doping methods for future-generation devices. This collaboration will play a major role in advancing annealing processes and tackle related defect problems for producers to scale up CMOS devices, he said.

SEMATECH’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dan Armbrust stated that advanced process techniques like monolayer doping are critical to allow transformations to non-silicon high mobility and to non-planar channels, while reducing process-related damage, complexity and cost.


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