Kottermann High Performance Lab Fume Cupboards from Camlab

Camlab’s high performance fume cupboards are utilized when the tasks discharge large amounts of heat, for example acid digestion or strong acids. The typical use for these cupboards is digestion during analytical sample preparation.

Concentrated, hot mineral acids pose a major challenge for any fume cupboard. Köttermann fume cupboards, fitted with a highly resistant internal coating, are perfect for these tasks even when using the most aggressive materials and conditions.

Kottermann ducted fume hoods are available as part of a complete laboratory design consultation service, which includes consultation, specification and full CAD design services to both small labs and large instaurations.

Key Features

The main features of the Kottermann high performance lab fume cupboards are:

  • AutoProtect - intelligent front sash control as standard
  • Innovative Softmatic - front sash opens and closes on touch
  • High resistance via internal coating made from polypropylene or ceramics
  • Excellent performance according to EN 14175 and DIN 12926 T.2 standards via the unique air concept
  • Extra large interior
  • Smooth interior makes cleaning easy
  • Perfectly monitored by the digital AirMonitor
  • Ideal for rooms with low ceiling heights
  • Finest internal ceramic liners offer excellent resistance for all applications, except for hydrofluoric acid
  • Optional polypropylene liners for use of hydrofluoric acid

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