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K93000 Scratch Tester from Koehler Instrument Company

The K93000 Scratch Tester is used to test the scratch resistance of flat solid surfaces such as coatings, metals, ceramics, composites, polymers, and other material surfaces. The test is performed by sliding a stylus over the surface of the test specimen. The normal load, sliding speed, direction, stylus geometry, and stylus material can be varied.

The resultant tangential force at the contact interface can be monitored using TriboDATA, the supplied Windows-based Data Acquisition Software. The onset of scratch or adhesion failure of coatings can be inferred from this data. A CCD camera is built-in to capture the scratch scar image.

Features and Benefits of the K93000 Scratch Tester:

  • A variety of materials can be tested including coatings, metals, ceramics, composites, polymers, and other material surfaces
  • Test scratch resistance of solid surfaces and adhesion integrity of coatings
  • Standard stylus is diamond tipped; the stylus can be easily interchanged to perform a wide variety of scratch tests
  • Uni-directional or bi-directional sliding
  • Normal load can be constant, stepped or ramped
  • Separate parallel tracks possible on a single test sample; uni-directional or bi-directional passes over the same track possible
  • Windows TriboDATA Data Acquisition Software included to record and graph test results
  • Built-in CCD camera included to capture scratch scar image

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