ALD 200L Series from Kurt J. Lesker Company

Kurt J. Lesker Company offer stand-alone ALD systems for basic research or completely integrated deposition systems for complex R&D applications. All of our ALD system platforms feature high speed ALD valves and integrated pumping, pressure measurement, and gas delivery packages optimized for your specific process.

Key features:

  • Viscous flow ALD reactor chamber
  • Cabnit design allows for large number of reactant inputs
  • Heated stainless steel chamber with front-port substrate loading
  • Accommodates 8" diameter substrates
  • Substrate heating up to 500°C
  • Heated lines to 200°C
  • Fully exhausted cabinet with gas interlocks
  • Recipe driven process control software
  • Options include: remote plasma; load lock; gas bubbler with closed loop control

Other Equipment