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DCA Instruments L400 UHV Sputtering System

The L400 UHV magnetron sputtering system is designed for sequential sputtering with movable magnetrons. Conventional sequential sputtering systems with rotating planetary substrate stage provide limited substrate manipulation facilities. In the L400 design the substrate stage is stationary and the magnetrons are moved in sequence of the deposited multilayer. This allows the use of substrate masking with movable shutters, RF and DC substrate bias, wedge deposition and azimuthal substrate rotation - features not available in any other sputtering system.

The L400 deposition chamber has a differentially pumped main flange for quick access to the magnetrons. The magnetron movement and indexing is fully computer controlled allowing recipe based deposition of multilayer thin films.

The system can be used for sputtering of metals, insulators and magnetic materials using either RF or DC sputtering. The maximum target size is 4" in diameter.

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