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Micronit Fluidic Connect Microfluidic Connection Platform

Fluidic Connect is an affordable microfluidic connection platform enabling user-friendly interconnections between the microfluidic chip and peripheral equipment. Fluidic Connect facilitates to create your own lab-on-a-chip set-up. The unique design of the chip holder enables to work safely under high pressure (up to 100 bar / 1450 psi) with a very low (near-zero) dead volume. The material used is chemically inert and mechanically robust.

Compared to Lab-on-a-Chip Kit 4515, Fluidic Connect has many new features.

  • User-friendly, leak-free connections
  • Easy chip replacement thanks to Fluidic Slide
  • Improved alignment of microfluidic chips
  • Larger chip area to detect with microscope objective
  • Building block in a modular system

Fluidic Connect is compatible with standard Micronit microreactor chips, micromixer chips and cross channel chips.

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