Eulitha Nanoimprint Templates

Eulitha's nanoimprint templates are manufactured with electron beam or its unique EUV lithography technology. Standard templates include 35 nm half-pitch linear gratings and 53 nm half-pitch dot arrays, both of which are made with exceptional quality thanks to the EUV exposure capability. Custom made templates are made according to customer specifications with the most suitable technology choice: EUV technology enables production of high-resolution periodic structures (sub-100nm) over large areas whereas e-beam is used for making arbitrary patterns.

Applications of Eulitha's templates include process development and verification, nano-optics, SERS substrates, patterned magnetic media, microscope calibration, nano-electronics and templated self-assembly. Contact us with your needs for expert advice from our world-renowned scientific staff.

Key features:

  • Resolution down to 20 nm
  • Anti-adhesion coating (optional)
  • Quick turn around time of 4-6 weeks
  • Area/resolution combinations (e.g. 35 nm over 1cm2)

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