Labtrix Automated Flow Chemistry System from Chemtrix

The Labtrix® system is a fully automated, standardized, "plug and play" platform for laboratory bases reaction screening, optimization and kinetic data determinations using flow chemistry. Labtrix® can be used to perform synthesis at temperatures ranging from -15°C to + 195°C and at pressures of up to 25 bar. Labtrix® can be used to eveluate many reaction parameter in a short period of time, employing very little raw material.

Benefits of using the Labtrix® flow chemistry system

  • Speed - Reaching a steady state is rapid thanks to the small reactor volumes which enable fast changes in temperature and flow rate. 20 to 30 different experiments can be performed per day, per person.
  • Flexibility - The system is delivered with 5 different pre defined micro reactors, enabling a wide variety of synthetic reactions to be evaluated. Optional reactors are available for biphasic (l/l & g/l) as well as heterogeneous catalysis.
  • Glass reactors - The reactors supplied with Labtrix® Start are fabricated using Schott borosilicate D263 glass, which affords excellent chemical compatibility for a wide range of synthetic transformations.
  • Extreme conditions - Syntheses can be performed in a pressurized system (< 25 bar), over a wide temperature range (-15°C to +195°C) enabling facile acces to extreme reaction conditions. While maintaining all commonly used organic solvents in the liqiud phase.
  • Multiple input/step syntheses - The variety of reactors supplied with the system enables reactions ranging from those employing two to five solution inputs allowing multi-step or multi-input syntheses to be performed on a single reactor.
  • Auto sampling - As the system is capable of producing multiple samples in a short period of time, automatic sample collection allows the system to be operated unattended.
  • Data-logging - Automatic parameter logging enables archiving of the reaction conditions employed.
  • Custimization - Upon request, customized reactors can be produced to meet the need of a special user.
  • CE qualified


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