Parallel High-Pressure Chemistry Block - HP PolyBLOCK from HEL Group

The High-Pressure PolyBLOCK is a multiposition reaction block available in 4 or 8 independent zones. The system is suitable for a range of high-pressure applications.

High throughput high pressure (4ml)

PolyBLOCK4 (PB4) zones can accommdate the CAT systems which have been designed to provide a simple easy-to-use tool for high pressure reaction screening. They can be used directly in the PB4 zones, stirring hot plates, or oil baths - providing capacity for up to 96 samples in 4 independently controlled (heating & stirring) zones.

HPCS Screening (16-30ml)

HPCS vessels are used to produce better quality data after screening. Each vessel is supplied with a multi-port lid and a central thermowell. The thermowell can be used to support suspended stirrers (PTFE, stainless, or hastelloy) in order to improve mixing.

  • Available in 16 or 30ml
  • Suspended mechanical agitation for efficient mixing.
  • Up to 100bar

High Pressure Optimisation

Conventional high pressure vessels of volume 75, 100, and 350ml are available for process optimisation. Excellent scalable results can be obtained using suspended mechanical agitation. Suspended agitation provides a low-cost option without the chance of leaks. Where overhead motors are needed, the vessels can be supplied with magnetic rotating seals and conventional drives (75ml vessel not available with overhead agitation). This application can be extended by the inclusion of pressure measurement and control.

  • 75, 160 or 350ml working volumes
  • Suspended mechanical stirring or overhead magnetically driven.
  • Available in stainless steel or Hastelloy

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