Loaded Magazine Cleaning System - YES-G1000LMC from Yield Engineering Systems

The YES-G1000LMC™ plasma cleaning system is designed for uniform cleaning of fully loaded lead frames and carrier born devices. The system utilizes a low plasma generation frequency (40 kHz) to reduce chamber and product heating sometimes caused by high frequency (13.56 MHz) systems. As a result, YES-G1000LMC is ideal for cleaning even electronically sensitive devices.


  • Less process time—devices remain loaded on magazines
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for electronically sensitive devices—no CV shift
  • Choice of 3 plasma cleaning modes
  • Flexible chamber configuration
  • Easy touch screen PLC control

YES-G1000LMC is specifically tailored to hold two open-sided magazines (although more may fit depending on size), and the chamber is easily configured to accommodate different sample sizes and contamination levels.

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