TEM Grids - Regular Mesh Grids from SPI

SPI Supplies brings to its customers the world's largest variety of TEM grids made from different materials. While SPI offer a vast range of TEM grids, the grids presented on this page are the "plain vanilla" flavor, they are the "regular" grids that people have been using for years. However, their quality is in no way less than the other grids offered by SPI Supplies.

All grids are 3.05 mm diameter, but the thickness varies with mesh size. SPI offer in this grid selection, thirteen different types, ranging from 50 lines/inch (e.g. 50 mesh) to 600 lines/inch (600 mesh). The lower the mesh repeat, the thicker the grid, in order to give the grid the desired dimensional rigidity. In other words, the 50 mesh grids are thicker than the 200 mesh grids. And the variation in thickness and bar/hole width in a population of 100 grids (1 vial) again increases with a lower mesh repeat.

Overall thickness variation (some examples):

G50: 25 µm ± 5 µm
G600TT: 6 µm ± 2 µm

Order numbers include a code letter that indicates materials of construction:

  • C=Copper
  • N=Nickel
  • G=Gold
  • P=Copper/Palladium
  • GC=Gold Plated Copper (0.10-0.2 µm plating thickness)
  • GN=Gold Plated Nickel (0.10-0.2 µm plating thickness)

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