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PC1 Photon Counting Spectrofluorimeter from ISS

PC1 is a highly sensitive, compact, computer-controlled Photon Counting Spectrofluorimeter designed for applications in physical chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, neurochemistry, molecular biology, environmental analysis, and immunoassay research.

Key features of PC1 include:
  • Sensitivity
    The compact design optimizes the light path so that the sample compartment receives the maximum possible excitation light. The end result of the compact design is an instrument with an outstanding ability to measure fluorophores with very low quantum yields.
  • Full Automation
    Instrument control and data acquisition are PC-controlled through Vinci. All active instrument components and integrated external devices are displayed on the Instrument Control Window in Vinci. From here, the user has direct remote control over all devices and accessories.
  • Integration of External Devices
    PC1 has the capability to integrate external devices such as a stopped flow accessory, temperature bath, pressure pump, and a titrator. Any of these devices can be directly controlled through Vinci.

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