Report Provides an Introduction to Quantum Computing and Electronic Nanotechnology

Research and Markets has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "Quantum Nanoelectronics: An Introduction to Electronic Nanotechnology and Quantum Computing" to their offering.

The march of Moore's Law takes electronics to the molecular level, and indeed molecules are likely to be incorporated in future hybrid computer chips. This self-contained text guides students as well as professionals to the new possibilities presenting a treatment of Quantum Computing, a promising new approach which is based on Quantum Mechanics. This essential new title also covers topics which connect to alternative energy technology, for example solar cell design, photocatalytic conversion of water to hydrogen, and high performance batteries.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction and Review of Electronic Technology
  • Chapter 2 From Electronics to Nanoelectronics: particles, waves and Schrodinger Equation
  • Chapter 3 Quantum Description of atoms and molecules
  • Chapter 4 Quantum Description of metals, semiconductors, junction devices
  • Chapter 5 Some newer building blocks for nanoelectronic devices
  • Chapter 6 Fabrication and Characterization Methods for nanoelectronics
  • Chapter 7 The field effect transistor FET: size limits and alternative forms
  • Chapter 8 Devices based on electron tunneling, resonant tunnel diodes
  • Chapter 9 Single electron transistors, molecular electronics, hybrid electronics
  • Chapter 10 Devices based on electron spin and ferromagnetism
  • Chapter 11 Qubits vs. binary bits in a Quantum Computer
  • Chapter 12 Applications of nanoelectronic technology to energy issues
  • Chapter 13 Summary and brief comment on the future of nanoelectronic technics

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