P-630 High-Speed Piezo Positioner from Physik Instrumente

The P-630 has a reference class nanopositioning system on a single axis, a directly driven flexure-guided design and a capacitive position sensor for maximum linearity and stability.

The PICMA high-performance piezo drive drive features piezoceramic actuators with all-ceramic insulation. It has a longer lifetime, humidity resistance and operating temperatures to 80°C.


Applications include precision positioning of optical elements or objects in the optical path, for micromachining, micro-structuring and scanning tasks in research and industry. It is also available as vacuum option.

Key Features

The key features of the P-630 are:

  • Resonant frequency to 3 kHz
  • Travel ranges to 80 µm
  • Small footprint and low-profile height
  • Clear aperture with 30 mm diameter
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