N-603 Closed-Loop Piezo Linear Stage with 2mm Travel Range from Physik Instrumente

The N-603 from Physik Instrumente includes a linear actuator for extreme ambient conditions on a single axis. It has a frictionless flexure-guided design and is directly driven. It also has a strain gauge sensor for positioning feedback. It includes a non-magnetic, high-resolution piezoelectric linear drive. It has a compact design and a holding force up to 5 N.


The applications of the N-603 are:

  • Sample handling and positioning, optics alignment or micro handling in magnetic fields or high vacuum
  • Travel range 2 mm
  • For operation in strong magnetic fields
  • Extremely low profile with only 7.4 mm for serial mounting
  • Position sensor for closed-loop operation
  • PiezoWalk® drive
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