LPS-24 NanoPositioning Stage with Miniaturized Dimensions and Piezo Motor from Physik Instrumente

The LPS-24 from Physik Instrumente include a reference-class linear positioning system and features direct metrology with a linear encoder. It has the NEXACT piezo stepping drive, which is high-resolution, has a compact design, a holding force up to 5N, nanostepping mode with below 1 nm resolution, a constant velocity motion, a long lifetime and a drive principle exclusively based on mechanical stiction.

The PIOne linear encoder is optional, based on interferometric measurement principle, has 2 or 0.5 nm designs, a direction-sensing homing track, compact design for easy integration in positioning systems and a patented technology.

Key Features

The key features of the LPS-24 are:

  • Only 24 mm width
  • With integrated linear encoder
  • with 150 or 2 nm resolution
  • Holding force 5 N
  • NEXACT® piezomotors


The applications of the LPS-24 are:

  • Sample handling
  • Positioning of samples and optical or mechanical components for installations limited in space
  • For use in research and industry
  • Vacuum versions available on request
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