H-206 Automated Fiber Alignment System - 6-Axis, High Precision - Physik Instrumente

H-206 automated fiber alignment system includes a parallel-kinematic design for six degrees of freedom making it considerably more stiff and compact when compared to serial-kinematic systems, guidance errors of individual axes do not add up. The system has higher dynamics and higher reliability and is driven by DC motors.

The alignment system is user-defined, has a stable pivot point and is software-selectable. Positions are commanded in Cartesian coordinates. Macro programming is enabled and has an open source LabVIEW driver set. It has a work space simulation software and virtual hexapod machine software.

Key Features

The key features of H-206 automated fiber alignment are:

  • Flexure based for highest precision
  • Includes integrated scan algorithms for fiber optic alignment
  • Sophisticated controller using vector algorithms, virtual pivot point
  • Extensive software support
  • Actuator resolution 33 nm
  • Bidirectional repeatability 0.3 µm / 6 µrad
  • Min. incremental motion 0.1 µm / 2 µrad
  • Velocity from 10 µm/s to 10 mm/s
  • Parallel kinematics with six degrees of freedom


The H-206 is applicable for research and industry purposes such as for fiber alignment, micromanipulation systems and optical testing set-ups.

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