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IntelliSense Introduce Groundbreaking Software for MEMS/Nano Industry

Samsung Order Two More GaN MOCVD Systems from Aixtron

MEMS Manufacturer Tronics Microsystems Expands Characterization, Assembly, Packaging and Testing Capabilities

Industrial Nanotech Appoint Technical Team for Petrobas Project

Fabrication of Nano and Micrometer Scale Biomaterial Structures via Direct Write Technology

Cost-Effective Piezo Bender Actuators Offer Millimeters of Motion, Nanometer Precision

Nanostructures of Predetermined Size and Composition Created

Selective Modification of Nanoscale Rods Using Gold Nanoparticles

Physik Instrumente Offer NanoInnovation Grants of up $25,000

Zyvex Spins Off Nanomaterials Business

Centers for Disease Control Speaker to Present at 10th Biodetection Technologies Conference

Plextronics Wins $340K Grant from Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center

Carbon Nanotube Pipettes Could Become Key to in-situ DNA Sequencing

Nanotextured Implant Materials

Genetically Engineered Spider Silk Proteins Lead to Better Understanding of Spinning Process

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