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Industrial Nanotech to Supply Nansulate to Military Complex in Slovenia

Capitalizing on Nanotechnology Intellectual Property

Ireland Starts Constructon of it's First Purpose-Built Nanoscience Research Institute

STMicroelectronics Announces New Accelerometer

Merck and Nano Terra Form Nanotechnology Alliance

Green Chemistry Can Help Achieve Sustainable Nanotechnology

mPhase Goes "YouTube'd"

Nano-Porous Fibre Technology Wins Royal Society Award

New Simple Electrochemical Process for Direct Patterning of Metallic Interconnects

Biologically Inspired Sensors to Augment Sonar, Vision System in Submarines

Microfluidic Chip Helps Solve Biological Mystery

Carbon Nanotubes Transport Gene Therapy Drug into T-Cells Known to Block HIV

Labeling Cells with Silica and Alkoxysilane Coated Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Particles

Cellular Uptake of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes is Independent of Functional Group and Cell Type

Massively Parallel Dip-Pen Nanolithography of Heterogeneous Supported Phospholipid Multilayer Patterns

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