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China and Korea Launch Joint Nanotechnology Research Center

BriteLight Laser System Sold To Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

Electron and Ion Beam Imaging and Analysis Equipment North American Headquarters For Carl Zeiss SMT Moves To Peabody, Mass.

Plasma Deposition Technology Licenced From University of Texas By AeonClad Coatings

MEMSCAP Breeding Ground for Robocup Champion

Buckyball Discovery Team To Be Reunited at nanoTX’07

Industrial Nanotech Coating To Be Used On Petrobas Pipeline

Lighter and Stronger Nanotechnology Enabled Surfboard Hits The Waves in Hawaii

Nanorobots In Action At The 2007 RoboCup

Electron Wave Means Electrons on the Surface of Some Metals Behave Like Water at the Surface of a Lake

Russian Plans For Knowledge and Technology Based Economy

Nanoparticle Risk Report Released By Swiss

Inductively Coupled Plasma and Plasma Enhanced Vapor Deposition Tools Ordered By Harvard University Center for Nanoscale Systems

Report Released On Plasma Aided Nanofabrication

Russia Passes Law To Develop Nanotechnology Corporation

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