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Carbon Nanotubes In Advanced Electronics and Computer Chips

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Releases Interesting and Informative Video Presentations On Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotube Moving In Air Shown In New Video

Obtaining Carbon Nanotube Films on Sensor Substrates

Audio Interview Featuring Paul S. Clayson, Chief Executive Officer of nCoat, Inc. is Now Available at

VeruTEK Technologies and QuantumSphere, Inc. Announce Product Development and Marketing Partnership

Luna's Test and Measurement Instrument Receives R&D 100 Award for Technical Innovation

Purdue and South Korean Researchers Collaborate on Nanomedicine Project

Xidex Wins New NSF Contract for Carbon Nanotube Device Manufacturing

Surface Plasmon Polaritons Experiment Shows That on a Wire Or in a Fiber, a Wave is a Wave

Lens Device To Focus Light To A Point Smaller Than Own Wavelength

Magnetic Nanoscopic Particles form Photonic Color Changing Semiconducting Crystals

ATDF and UMC to Collaborate in Evaluating and Commercializing New Technologies

Headwaters Incorporated Forms Strategic Partnership with Sumitomo Chemical to Commercialize Carbon Nanospheres

Semiconductor Membrane Mimics Biological Behavior Of Ion Channels

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