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NeoSensors Launches Biosensor User Web Resource and Re-launches IAsys Product Line

California Nanosystems Institute Purchase $1.7m AFM/SPM System from Veeco

Obducat Awarded Chinese Patent for Electron Beam Recording Technology

mPhase Technologies to Develop Smart Nanobattery with US Army

Nanoparticles Help Create Cleaner Fuels

Purdue Researchers Create New Class of Tiny Sensors

FEI Reports Record Bookings and Earnings for Q4 2006

Nano Chemical Systems Hires Louis Petrucci as CEO

Direct Synthesis of Polymer Nanocapsules with a Noncovalently Tailorable Surface

Natural Lavas as Catalysts for Efficient Production of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers

New Method for Rapidly Assessing Carbon Nanotube Quality

Artificial Atoms on a Chip

Nanomachine Ensnares Molecules as They Move

Nanostructured Material Offers Environmentally Safe Armor-Piercing Capability

MIT Brings "Optics on a Chip" Closer to Market

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