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Ferrofluid - Colloidal Suspension of Magnetite Nanoparticles Fully Dispersed in Water

Virginia Commonwealth University Atomic Engineering lab. This ferrofluid is a colloidal suspension of magnetite nanoparticles fully dispersed in DI-H20. This type of ferrofluid is known as a smart nanomaterial. In the 60's NASA was the first to characterize these types of "smart fluids" and now you may find them in various mechanical devices, such as loud speakers, bearings (audi TT) dampers and sensors. You can even find them on your dollar bill. If you hold a magnet to the end of a dollar bill you will notice a slight attraction. The government started using ferro-inks a few years back. The ferrofluid in this video is of particular interest because of the fact that it is fully dispersed in water. Most ferrofluids are oil-based or use certain surfactants which are limited in their biomedical applications.


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