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Synthesizing Nanomaterials using NANOX Technology

The NANOX® technology for synthesizing nanomaterials has grown from a bottom-up method and more specifically from chemical synthesis methods.

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It uses both hydrolytic and non-hydrolytic chemical synthesis in its production processes. The hydrolytic methods are based on the hydrolysis of a halide, alkoxide or an inorganic metal salt, while the non-hydrolytic methods work using a chelating agent that operates in a solution to form compounds with the metal cations.

Using its own technologies, NANOX® produces nanometric compounds with a controlled particle size and distribution, elevated homogeneity, controlled stoichiometry, at a low cost and on an industrial scale. Further, these processes allow materials with different characteristics to be made compatible, i.e. polar materials can be chemically transformed so as to incorporate or react with apolar materials, bringing about significant changes to the materials' properties. Thus, NANOX® creates atomic-scale materials, modeling the properties of the materials and surfaces, and can produce a range of amorphous and crystalline materials, including simple and mixed metal oxides, coatings, nanocompounds and materials for clean energy.

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