ElectroNeedle Biomedical Sensor Array

The ElectroNeedle biomedical sensor array can be used in a point-of-care setting to make rapid diagnostic measurements by simply pressing the device against a patient's skin.

The ElectroNeedle patch detects and identifies biological markers just beneath the skin's surface. Microneedles of various heights enable the patch's biological-recognition layer to contact appropriate tissue - for example, interstitial fluid in the epidermal layers or blood in the deeper dermal layers.

The array combines electrochemical measurement techniques with well-defined recognition chemistries and an easy-to-use sensor. Many biologically important species - including bacteria, toxins, viruses, carbohydrates, electrolytes, lipids, and enzymes - can be detected painlessly and rapidly in situ, eliminating the need to withdraw bodily fluids for later analysis.

ElectroNeedle arrays are produced using standard microfabrication techniques and thus can be batch-produced at a low cost after commercialization.

ElectroNeedle Biological Sensor Array

Run time 3.15 mins

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