Nanoscepter - Creating a Nanocoating on Materials Which Repels Water, Oil and Adhesives

Released this spring, the Nanoscepter is a machine which places a coating on materials which repels water, oil, and other adhesive materials. For example, A regular teflon coated frypan undergoes a teflon coating process. In this process they glue grains of teflon together to make the coating, but the coating becomese quite thick, normally around tens of microns thick. But the Nanoscepter creates a coating which is only several nanometers thick. The coating is made up of two structures, one which repels water and the other which repels adhesive materials.

The coating is heated and evaporated in a vacuumed environment, this process chemically bonds the film to the substrate material. The coating is transparent and colorless, so it can be used on glass, plastics and metals and it doesn't affect the qualities of the substrate material. The coating improves materials in a range of situations, especially where precision is required, including coating nano-sized molds for clean removal of the cast, inkjet print heads for better print quality and engine parts for water and oil repellence at high temperatures.

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  1. Er Piyush Charan Er Piyush Charan India says:

    What material is coated by the nanosceptor ?

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