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Nanofactory Automation - Building a Laptop from Atom

This video is a high budget animation of what could be possible with Nanofabrication. The production was funded by a challenge grant from Mark Sims and Nanorex.

The proposed system is uses nanomachines which combine molecules to fabricate larger atomically precise components. In turn the nanomachines are combined into a "nanofactory".

Although these animations are of very high quality and appear convincing, some commentators raise questions about the feasibility of such systems as there are still many question about the "laws of physics" at the nanoscale and how such machines will overcome stick and slip frictional effects.

Technical advice for the video was provided by Dr. K Eric Drexler, the key exponent of "bottom-up" Nanofabrication.

For more images of nanomachinery visit Nanorex

Nanoassembly by "hand": pick and place of nanotubes

Running Time 04:55

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