The Revetest Xpress Scratch Tester from CSM Instruments - Operation and Features

Nicholas Randall of CSM Instruments shows us the Revetest Xpress Scratch Tester

The REVETEST Xpress is definitely the cost effective solution dedicated to Industrial and Quality Control (QC) applications.This Xpress instrument provides measurement of adhesion, hardness and scratch resistance with a very user-friendly, intelligible interface.

This instrument is delivered with software that enables the owner to predefine the measurement protocol on a stand-alone computer. A simple and single press of the "start" button which is situated on the touch screen will then start the test procedure. No additional operator interaction is required to run the test. At the completion of the test, the user has the choice to either study the sample or directly on the Xpress (if equipped with the microscope option) or on a different optical microscope.

Run time: 3.12 min

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