Agilent 5600 Large Stage AFM - Key Features and Capabilities

The Agilent 5600LS utilizes a fully addressable 200 mm x 200 mm stage and a new, low-noise AFM design. The programmable, motorized stage enables fast, accurate probe positioning for imaging and mapping large specimens at atomic-scale resolution using a state-of-the-art Agilent AFM. Investigators can precisely locate and identify an area of interest and, with the coordinates stored, automatically reposition the sample quickly and accurately for further study. Multiple locations can be programmed into the system.

The 5600LS is ideal for imaging large samples in air or smaller samples in air, liquid, and under temperature control. It provides researchers a perfect tool for many nanotechnology applications, including semiconductor, materials science, and life science studies. Samples up to 8" in diameter and 30 mm tall are easily accepted by the 200 mm vacuum chuck. The stage can accommodate a 300 mm wafer with repositioning.

Agilent 5600 Large Stage AFM - Key Features and Capabilities

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