Key Features and Capabilities of the Agilent Technologies Scanning Microwave Microscopy System

Agilent Technologies' unique scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) mode combines the comprehensive electrical measurement capabilities of a performance network analyzer (PNA) with the outstanding spatial resolution of an atomic force microscope (AFM). SMM Mode outperforms traditional AFM-based scanning capacitance microscopy techniques, offering far greater application versatility, the ability to acquire quantitative results, and the highest sensitivity and dynamic range in the industry.

In SMM Mode, the performance network analyzer sends an incident radio frequency (RF) signal through a diplexer to the sub-7 nm conductive tip of a platinum-iridium cantilever. The RF signal is refl ected from the tip and measured by the PNA. The magnitude and phase of the ratio between the incident and reflected signals are calculated and a model is then applied in order to calculate the electrical properties of the sample. The AFM scans the sample and moves the tip to specific locations to perform point probing. Operation frequencies up to 6 GHz are supported.

Agilent Scanning Microwave Microscopy System - How it Works

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