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Nanotechnology Enabled Coatings To Be Used For Power Plant Protection

Antimicrobial Nanotechnology Used by NFL Teams and Promoted to Professional Football Athletic Trainers

Superalloys Created Using Nanoparticles

Self Cleaning Surfaces, Transparent Electronics and Biomedical Tools From New Dirt Repelling, Conductive Nano Fibres

Biologically Friendly Nano Sized Light Source Invented That Emits Choherent Light Across Visible Spectrum

Flip Chip Semiconductors Improved By Dow Corning Electronics

Hydrogen Fuel Cells For Aircraft Being Investigated By Sandia and Boeing

Nanostrand Survey Seeks To Understand The Requirements Of Nanotechnology Measurement Tools and Standards and Develop New Ones

Nanotechnology Enabled Sensor From NASA Successful In Space

Podcast Interview From Lumera with Nanotechnology Expert Dr. Charles Campbell

Collaboration To Produce Prototype Diagnostic Device

Tagging and Engineering Molecules For Energy Conversion, Drug Delivery and Medical Imaging By Pairing Nanoparticles With Proteins

Drug Delivery Using Nanoparticles and Red Blood Cells

University of Texas Arlington Win $1m Grant for Nanofabrications

Two Laboratory on a Chip Patents Granted To NVE

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