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Nano Chemical Systems Hires Louis Petrucci as CEO

Direct Synthesis of Polymer Nanocapsules with a Noncovalently Tailorable Surface

Natural Lavas as Catalysts for Efficient Production of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers

New Method for Rapidly Assessing Carbon Nanotube Quality

Artificial Atoms on a Chip

Nanomachine Ensnares Molecules as They Move

Nanostructured Material Offers Environmentally Safe Armor-Piercing Capability

MIT Brings "Optics on a Chip" Closer to Market

Researchers Observe in Real-Time Collective Transportation of Gold Atoms in a Thin Layer

MIT 'Microsieve' Device Promises to Speed up Separation, Sorting of Proteins

Novel Approach to Synthesizing Nanowires

Scientists Discover How and Why Electrical Conductance of Nanowires Changes With Length

Microcontact Insertion Printing

NanoMed Pharma Completes Second Closing of Series A Financing

NanoLogix to Hold Informational Meeting in Sarasota

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