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50-Atom Thick Porous Membrane

Quasiparticle Self-Consistent GW Theory

Effects of Disorder on Electron Spin Dynamics in a Semiconductor Quantum Well

New Cryogenic Refrigerator

Berkeley Create New High-Performance Mirror

Researchers Successfully Generate Electricity from Heat by Trapping Organic Molecules Between Metal Nanoparticles

Advancing Nanotechnology in a Sustainable World Can be Reached by Using Green Chemistry

Unexpected Healing Powers of Nanotubes

Scientists Create Suspended Graphene Resonator

Femtoscience: From Nuclei to Nuclear Medicine

Precision-Placed Heart Cells Using Inkjet Technology

Nano-Proprietary Wins Preliminary Injunction in Carbon Nanotube Patent Litigation

MEMS and Nanotech Being Driven By Ink Jet Printing, RFID and Wireless Sensors

NanoVic Signs Two New Agreements in $8 million BioNano Portfolio

Finland's Nanotechnology Industry is Booming

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