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$2.9 Million for Nanotechnology Graduate Student Training Program at Cornell

Carbon Nanotubes Help Bone Grow on Titanium Implants

How to Make Solar Energy Generation as Cheap as Growing Grass

Phase Change Computer Memory Works 1000 Times Faster Than Current Memory

Neutron Research Completely Changes Accepted Belief of Inner Workings of Neutrons

Miniature Sensor Measures Contaminants in Water and Air

DuraAct Piezoelectric Transducers for use as Bending Elements, Precision Positioner and High Dynamics Sensors

Radio Waves to Cool Atoms

Graphene Sheet of Carbon Atoms Acts Like Billiard Table, May Replace Silicon in Computer Chips

Compact Piezoelectric Amplifier Released for Space Constrained and OEM Applications

Water Filters Using Nanotechnology to Remove Small Particles, Bacteria and Viruses From Water at Record High Flow Rates

Clariant and Schoeller Partner on Nanosphere Textile Technology

DuraAct Combines Precision, Reliability, Flexibility and Variety

Magnetic Nanparticles Improve Data Storage

Detecting and Curing Cancer With Nanoparticles and Nanobiosensors

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