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Plextronics Wins $340K Grant from Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center

Carbon Nanotube Pipettes Could Become Key to in-situ DNA Sequencing

Nanotextured Implant Materials

Genetically Engineered Spider Silk Proteins Lead to Better Understanding of Spinning Process

DC Nanogenerator Fabricated Using an Array of Zinc Oxide Nanowires

New Ultra-High Resolution Positioning and Scanning System for Nanoscopic Imaging

Argonne and University of Illinois Develop Flexible Electronic Structures

Bayer MaterialScience and Nanoledge Join Forces

DSM Somos Brings Stereolithography One Step Closer to Direct Manufacturing

ICT, World Semiconductor Giant Join Forces to Develop CPU Chips

Atomistic Model Helps Students Visualize Nanoscale Problems

MicroCHIPS Receives Equity Investment from Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Molecular Imprints Secures $8.5M in Additional Funding

Delft University Scientists Predict How Nanostructuring Affects Performance of Li-ion Batteries

Special House Walls Containing Nano Polymer Particles

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