Precision Rotation Stage - Low Profile, Air Bearings, Direct Drive

The A-635 and A-637 low profile rotation stages with air bearings and direct drive torque motors are designed for the high end motion and automation applications requiring the highest precision. Various options can be combined to create a solution ideal for point-to-point indexing or constant velocity scanning.

The RL stages offer superior travel accuracy, flatness, and wobble performance.

3-phase torque motor

  • Brushless
  • Slotless
  • Low cogging torque

Absolute encoder (optional)

Absolute encoders supply explicit position information that enables immediate determination of the position. This means that referencing is not required during switch-on, which increases efficiency and safety during operation.

Accessories and options

  • Incremental or absolute encoder
  • Vacuum feedthrough
  • Self-locking at rest by magnetic preload
  • PIglide filter and air preparation kit
  • Single or multi-axis motion controllers and servo drives
  • Multi-axis/customized designs
  • Base plates made of granite and systems for reducing vibration

The product features of the PI miCos DT-80 R are:

  • Maximum speed 1170 °/sec
  • Load capacity up to 2 kg
  • Uni-directional repeatability down to 0.01 °
  • Integrated reference switches
  • Clear aperture 40 mm
  • Rotation range 360°, endless

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