PI M-228 Cost Efficient Stepper Motor Actuators

The M-228 and M-229 series motorized captive linear actuators provide a travel range of 10, resp. 25 mm, and are equipped with high-resolution stepper motors. The stepper mikes can push or pull loads up to 80 N, and provide speeds up to 5 mm/s. Models featuring gearhead/stepper motor combinations offer the same stroke in a more compact package.

Cost-Effective Design, Valuable Features
The cost-effective design offers many useful features such as a non-rotating tip, limit and reference switches and a mechanical position display.

A spherical tip and a 3 m extension cable are included in the delivery. The more compact gearhead versions include an additional flat tip.

Features & Advantages

  • Highly Cost-Efficient, Compact Design
  • 10 and 25 mm Travel Range
  • High Load Capacity to 80 N
  • Gearhead version: 46 nm Resolution (with C-663 Controller)
  • Direct Drive: Max. Velocity 5 mm/s
  • Non-Rotating Tip
  • Non-Contact Limit and Reference Switches

Application Examples

  • Quality assurance testing
  • Testing equipment
  • Alignment of secondary mirrors
  • Automation
  • Metrology
  • Precision machining


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