Ultra-High Accuracy Nano-Positioning Linear Stage with Linear Motor-N 664 from PI

This reference-class linear positioner comprises a self-clamping non-magnetic motor with sub-nanometer resolution.

High-accuracy is offered by crossed roller bearings and a direct measuring high-precision, sub-nanometer resolution linear encoder.

Salient Features

The key features of the N-664 are:

  • Travel range of 30 mm.
  • Encoder resolution of 0.5 nm.
  • Self locking motor.
  • Superior guiding accuracy.
  • Velocity of 10 mm/s.
  • Vacuum version available.

Video demo: PiezoWalk Linear Motor

The unique PiezoWalk linear motor is non-magnetic and self clamping and provides sub-nanometer resolution. It can be integrated in actuators and linear translation stages as shown in the example above. There is a step mode and a high dynamics analog dither mode within each step.

Closed-Loop Linear Translation Stage, Nanopositioning Stage, PiezoWalk Linear Motor, Nano-Precision

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