N-470 PiezoMike Nanopositioning Motor Actuator from Physik Instrumente

The N-470 is a high resolution actuator for "set and forget" applications. It is based on a piezo ratchet drive (inertia motor) for stable positioning and high resolution. The piezo ratchet motors are compact, economical and when at rest, the drive is self locking and there is no need for any current and no heat is generated. The position is held with maximum force. A closed-loop version with integrated optical position encoder is available as the N-472

Stable alignment of optical paths is possible. The actuator features high stability in target position and reliable startup even after extensive downtime. It features high resolution and holding force by combining piezo actuators with mechanical thread translation. It is vacuum-compatible to 10-6 hPa.

Key Features

The key features of the nanopositioning motor actuator are:

  • Holding force >100 N
  • Step size 30 nm
  • Travel range 7.4 mm
  • Compact design
  • Feed force 22 N
  • Self-locking, no heat generation at rest
  • Non-magnetic and vacuum-compatible operating principle


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