V-508: Low Profile Linear Translation Stages

The V-508 from PI consists of direct-drive, linear motor stages, and actuators that offer high speed, performance, and acceleration over large travel ranges. Generally, direct-drive linear motors rely on the electrodynamic (magnetic) principle, but piezoelectric direct-drive motors are considered to be another option.

As a result of the lack of friction, excellent repeatability and resolution is possible, and the lifetime of the direct drive motors is not restricted by wear and tear.

Linear motor stages are often utilized in industrial automation applications where speed and throughput are considered vital. PI linear motor direct-drive stages come with iron core (higher force) 3-phase motors and ironless (no cogging) and voice coil drives (shorter travel ranges).

Optical linear incremental encoders or linear absolute encoders have been combined to offer position feedback. Air bearings and mechanical bearings are available for ultra-high precision applications. PI provides also direct-drive rotary stages.

XY-Stage - Direct Drive Linear Stage w/Linear Motor, fast Scanning & Alignment, V-508 Linear Stage

Intelligent alignment—the example shows a direct-drive, XY stage combination of two low-profile V-508 linear motor stages run by an ACS motion controller with internal fast alignment algorithms. Video Credit: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

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