Piezo Assemblies for Nano-Dosing, Micro Pumps and Valves in Medical Engineering

Innovative miniaturized ceramic actuators offer excellent precision and performances in medical applications such as drug delivery, nano-dispensing and atomizing of medicines. The standard design is based on the diaphragm pump and valve principle, but valve-less techniques based on the peristaltic principle are also feasible.

Displacement pumps are used globally in a large number of industry sectors. The increasing demand for miniaturization implies that the market for their smaller "relatives" is also growing. Microdispensers can be used for dosage and distribution tasks where tiny volumes in the microliter, milliliter, or nanoliter range have to be controlled.

In drug discovery and medical engineering, biotechnology or chemical analysis, tiny dispensers precisely dose active substances or medicines. Micro pumps enable removal of reaction gases in closed processes. Industrial machines also benefit from the use of micro-valves for application of lubricants such as grease or oils, offering solutions which are precise, economical, and automated.

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