M-687 XY Motorized Microscope Stage with High Precision Closed Loop Piezo Motor from Physik Instrumente

The M-687 reference-class XY microscope stage includes a joystick and a controller. It also has a 160 x 110 mm clear aperture. It has a high-resolution piezo linear drive, which is self-locking at rest, has a low noise level, has high stability due to low thermal load and no need for lubricants. Large dynamics range of 10 µm/s to 100 mm/s and is suitable for operation via joystick and automated high-content methods. It has a direct-metrology linear encoder and high resolution and repeatability.

Key Features

The key features of the M-687 XY motorized microscope stage are:

  • Highest stability µm resolution
  • Travel range up to 135 mm × 85 mm
  • For inverted microscopes, free rotation of turret
  • Suitable Z sample scanner available
  • Velocity up to 120 mm/s
  • High velocity constancy at 10 µm/s
  • Direct-metrology linear encoder
  • Compact design with low profile allows free access to the sample
  • For the inverse microscopes Olympus IX2 and Nikon Eclipse Ti
  • Object slides and holders for petri dishes and multititre plates as accessories available


It is suitable for tiling, super-resolution and automated scanning microscopy.

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