A-523: Fast 3-DOF Z-Tip-Tilt Module for Alignment Automation

Physik Instrumente’s A-523 is an air-bearing Z tip/tilt stage with direct drive. It is built as a parallel-kinematic multi-axis system and can be employed for Z and tip/tilt motion. This stage provides ultra-precision in miniature format. Integrating the noncontact elements leads to a frictionless motion platform that offers the best quality, performance, and lifetime.

A-523.25005B3, dimensions in mm.

A-523.25005B3, dimensions in mm. Image Credit: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

When ordering the A-523 with the A-81× or A-82× series controller, PI performs the configuration and cabling of the Z stage with applied servo tuning optimization and under applied load. Users receive a complete and readily usable positioning system.


  • Travel range in Z to ±2.5 mm
  • Load capacity to 8 kg
  • Rotation range in θX, θY, to ±1°
  • Overall height 60 mm
  • Platform diameter 250 mm

Accessories and Options

  • Built-in vacuum clamping mechanism
  • Air filter sets

Application Fields

The Z tip/tilt stage is best suited for high-accuracy applications, such as fiber positioning, wafer inspection, flat screen inspection, optics positioning, maskless lithography, and ultra-LED manufacturing. The non-contact design is best suited for cleanroom applications.


Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

Motion A-523.25005B3 Tolerance
Active axes Z θX θY  
Travel range in Z 5 mm  
Rotation range in θX 2 °  
Rotation range in θY 1.6 °  
Acceleration in Z, unloaded 10 m/s² max.
Maximum velocity in Z, unloaded 200 mm/s  
Yaw (Rotational crosstalk in θX with motion in Z) ± 25 µrad typ.
Pitch (Rotational crosstalk in θY with motion in Z) ± 25 µrad typ.
Positioning A-523.25005B3 Tolerance
Bidirectional repeatability in Z ± 0.25 µm typ.
Bidirectional repeatability in θX ± 8 µrad typ.
Bidirectional repeatability in θY ± 8 µrad typ.
Positioning accuracy in Z, calibrated ± 0.5 µm typ.
Positioning accuracy in θX, uncalibrated ± 15 µrad typ.
Positioning accuracy in θY, uncalibrated ± 15 µrad typ.
Minimum incremental motion in Z 0.01 µm typ.
Minimum incremental motion in θX 0.06 µrad typ.
Minimum incremental motion in θY 0.06 µrad typ.
Integrated sensor Absolute linear encoder  
Sensor signal BiSS-C  
Sensor resolution 1 nm  
Drive Properties A-523.25005B3 Tolerance
Drive type Ironless 3-phase linear motor  
Nominal voltage 24 V  
Peak voltage 60 V  
Nominal current, RMS 1.4 A typ.
Peak current, RMS 2.8 A typ.
Force constant 5.9 N/A  
Resistance phase-phase 5.2 Ω typ.
Inductance phase-phase 1 mH  
Back EMF phase-phase 4.2 V·s/m max.
Pole pitch N-N 19.66 mm  
Mechanical Properties A-523.25005B3 Tolerance
Guide Air bearing guide with air preload  
Permissible push force in Z 80 N max.
Overall mass 8200 g  
Material Hardcoat aluminum, stainless steel mounting hardware  
Miscellaneous A-523.25005B3 Tolerance
Connector HD D-sub 26 (m)  
Air bearing connection Plug connection for hose with 6 mm outer diameter  
Operating pressure 515 to 585 (75 to 85 psi) kPa  
Air consumption 84 L/min max.
Air quality Clean (filtered up to 1.0 µm or better) - ISO 8573–1 class 1 Oil free - ISO 8573–1 class 1 Dry (-15 °C dew point) - ISO 8573–1 class 3  
Recommended controllers / drivers

A-814 (four axes), A-82x (4 / 6 / 8 axes)

Operating temperature range +15 to +25 °C

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