Programmable Shims - Nanometer Precision - PIRest

The PIRest programmable shims solve alignment problems that occur through sagging, temperature drift or mechanical settling. Applications for active shims can be found everywhere, where the alignment between two subassemblies is critical and needs to be realigned as a consequence of drifting or changes in tolerance of machine parts. Particularly when the ambient conditions and the accessibility make manual intervention complicated, PIRest actuators are a feasible option.

Fields of application

  • Set-and-forget applications
  • Adaptive mechanics
  • Drift compensation
  • Alignment of optical components
  • Precision mechanics
  • Static precision positioning
  • Metrology / interferometry

Long-term stable positioning without permanent power supply

Once displaced, actuators with PIRest technology hold their position stable without permanent control voltage. Nanometer precision, maintenance-friendly and inexpensive adjustments are possible even at inaccessible locations. High user-friendliness due to automatic configuration

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