Precision XY Linear Positioning Stage, Linear Motor-Driven and Linear Encoders, M-686 from PI

This precision-class XY positioning stage features a high speed, self clamping linear motor that offers 3 to 10 times the stability of previous motorized positioning stages. The fast direct drive is suitable for high-throughput and high-speed positioning tasks in bio-technology applications. The large clear aperture enables transmitted light microscopy and spectroscopy applications. Cross-roller bearings are provided for higher running accuracy and lifetime. The stage is equipped with non-contact limit and reference point switches. If nanometer precision is required, a piezo flexure stage can be mounted on top.

Salient Features

The salient features of the precision XY linear positioning stage are:

  • Low profile precision XY positioning table with large aperture and piezo motor drive.
  • 25x25 mm motorized positioning range.
  • Ultra-high stability with self locking ceramic linear motor.
  • High speed, up to 100 mm/s.
  • High precision linear encoders: 100-nm resolution.
  • Large aperture and low profile.
  • Compatible with PI piezo scanning stages.

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