Miniature XYZ Precision Positioning Stages with Inertia Motors from PI

PI's Q-521 and Q-522 sub-miniature precision stages can be assembled to form extremely small XYZ positioning systems. They are driven by patented electro-ceramic linear motors. The positioning system is highly compact making it suitable for all kind of robotics applications where space is at a premium and where small, light samples need to be positioned and aligned. The system can work in strong magnetic fields and in places where magnetic actuators cannot be used.

Key Features

The key features of the Sub-Miniature XYZ Precision Positioning Stage are:

  • Nanometer resolution
  • XYZ assembly, single axis and custom designs
  • Up to 32 mm travel
  • Self-locking at rest, no heat generation at rest
  • Piezo motor: non-magnetic & vacuum compatible
  • Can operate in strong magnetic fields

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