Overview of PI Ceramic's Products, Technologies, and Applications

This video provides an overview of PI Ceramic's products, technologies, and applications. PI Ceramic produces high-quality piezoceramic materials and piezoceramic components to be used as actuators or sensors. PI Ceramic develops piezo elements from different materials to suit customers’ needs. The piezo components come in all shapes and sizes. The different piezoceramic components from PI Ceramic are PICMA Stack, Encapsulated PICMA Stack, PICMA Chip, PICMA Bender, Pico actuator, Piezo Tubes, Transducers, DuraAct etc.

PI Ceramic uses piezo technologies to produce materials, components, and assemblies. The sensors employ direct piezo effect and are used for measuring force, displacement, flow rate, and filling level. The actuators work on the principle of inverse piezo effect. The advantages of using piezo technology are dynamic operation, low energy consumption and pumping, and dosing in micro, nano or picoliter range. Piezo technology products have flexible designs, compact integration, and reliability. PI Ceramic provides a wide range of piezoelectric ceramic materials for making sensors and actuators. PI offers piezo ceramic solutions to all important high-tech industry markets.

Run Time - 2:25min

PI Ceramic - Products, Technologies, Applications

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